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Place de la Concorde
Enytrance of the Champs Elysees

Place de la Concorde was built in 1755 by Ange-Jacques Gabriel.
It was first called "Place Louis XV".
In 1795 it was renamed "Place de la Concorde".
In 1814 it was renamed "Place Louis XV" and then "Place Louis XIV".
Since 1830 it is again the "Place de la Concorde".

Hotel de CrillonPalace Hotels of the World
The mosr famous building on the square is the "Hotel de Crillon"
until 1907 the private Residence of the Counts de Crillon.
Since that time it is a Palace Hotel
listed among the Palace Hotels of the World.
For some time the Crillon was the only Palace Hotel in Paris
to be owned by a French family.

Ugg Expo Life Sensation at the Cremerie de Paris
The snapshots show the Avenue des Champs Elysees
with an UGG Australia Bus.
The Bus was driving aroung the Avenue to indicate
the UGG Expo "Life Sensation"
that took place at the Cremerie de Paris from 2012 October 11 to November 25.
The beautiful expo was organized by Catherine North from North Communication
for Jean Michel Herrault from Deckers / UGG Australia.
Cremerie de Paris
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